Processing and Finishing

In addition to being a turnkey supplier of OCTG, Boomerang is a market leader in the processing and finishing of casing.    From direct discharge or by appointment, Boomerang can finish your casing as plain end (PE) or as threaded and coupled at our manufacturing plant in Liberty, Texas and our finishing plant in Houston, Texas.

Direct Discharge or Scheduled Appointment Boomerang can handle your direct discharge pipe like no other.  Our Houston, Texas facility is strategically located within a few blocks of Greens Port and minutes away from various Port of Houston terminals assuring your product can be quickly unloaded from the ship and sent to our plant.  Our facility maintains a flexible schedule that can accommodate many irregular shipping/receiving requirements. 

Our New Houston Finishing Headquarters

Our newly acquired Houston finishing plant, which is ISO 9001 and API Q1 certified, provides 300,000 square feet of manufacturing and finishing space and houses the following capabilities for your finishing project:

  • Advanced threading capabilities, API and Semi-Premium for 4.5” OD to 13.375” OD
  • Hydrostatic testing and full body phased array ultrasonic testing in size ranges 4.5” – 7.625” OD
  • Heat treating Coupling Stock (CS) in the seamless range with customer-specific sizes and gauges
  • State-of-the-art Danieli soaking furnace
  • Full range of heat treat services 


Boomerang offers a complete range of Semi-Premium and American Petroleum Institute (API) premium certified thread types including buttress thread casing (BC), long round thread casing (LC), and short round thread casing (SC) thread types. All our API connections meet or exceed API specifications, and our manufacturing facilities are API 5CT licensed.

  • ERW casing OD dimensions from 4.5” OD to 9.625″ OD. 
  • We utilize high speed PMC threaders, and Mori Seiki threading machines, to produce API threads that conform to API Specification API 5B, “Specification for Threading, Gauging, and Thread Inspection of Casing, Tubing, and Line Pipe Threads.”   
grinding laser
  • We machine all API 5B thread types as well as a robust portfolio of Semi-Premium licenses.
  • Boomerang’s threading process ensures that our threading complies with all API requirements including crest diameter, thread height, lead, taper, stand-off, and thread length.  We also visually inspect the threads for any machining irregularities or damage to the threads.
  • We regularly host third- party monitors and client representatives to verify conformance with API and Semi-Premium processing. 

Electric Resistance Welding (ERW)

Boomerang is a market leader in the production of ERW pipe for downhole casing and tubing applications.

seamless pipe

Seamless (SMLS)

Boomerang is a market leader in the processing and finishing of Seamless (SMLS) pipe.