Boomerang’s Weedsly review

Is Weedsly worth your money? In a word, yes.

By: Isaac Holmes
weedsly review
weedsly kingpen cart
E-commerce websites: Is there anything new under the sun?

Weedsly may not have reinvented anything, but they fill a market need. Where else can you get THC oil and have it shipped to your address in the United States?

Weedsly is smooth like Apple and reliable like Amazon. This is surprising because the industry is technically illegal. As a result, Weedsly does not have a clear field of competitors, yet still offers all the bells and whistles of a hungry tech company—they offer refunds and great deals.

In search of the perfect cartridge

Weedsly features Kingpen and Stiiizy cartridges. Two THC oil companies, according to Weedsly, offer the perfect smoke—without the chemicals. But, buyers beware, the battery needed for Stiiizy does not work with Kingpen.

Stiiizy has an unusual pod-shaped design. In addition, Stiiizy has a unique resin concentrate that is flavorful and psychoactive. If you’re into live resin for the flavors, then choose Stiiizy. Their resin pods are crafted in small, seasonal batches for maximum flavor extraction.

Kingpen is a blast. There is something so flavorful and fun about their oil. I love the design of their carts. It fits so well with the type of smoke you will get. If you’re looking for the purest cannabis oil, Kingpen could be the choice.

weedsly product
Ordering from Weedsly

I contacted Weedsly directly to try their service, but I ordered through their website and received the same materials every customer gets.

After I placed an order, Weedsly gave me a BTC address to transfer the money. Once I transferred the money, the package was sent out. The site and experience were a breeze.

I did have one issue: Weedsly wasn’t communicative enough after payment. After payment, I should have received an email from Weedsly saying they received the money. We addressed this issue with Weedsly, and they said they are working on a fix.

Stiiizy cartridge weedsly
I got my cartridges

I received the cartridges less than a week later. The packaging I received was white and plain but was sturdier than I thought it would be. Weedsly definitely put care put into the creation of their discreet packaging.

Receiving two carts in the mail was super nifty. I opened the package like a kid at Christmas. I was a little nervous about the mailman discovering it, but he didn’t. Instead, the mailman dropped it off like he was delivering an Amazon package.

Try Weedsly For Yourself

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Full disclosure: Boomerang receives no commission on orders that Weedsly receives.