Health. Safety. Environmental.

As a leader in the pipe and tube industry, we recognize that safe and clean business practices are critical to our stakeholders and essential to our nation’s future. Our vision is to operate free of accidents and injuries, and every day we work to make that vision a reality through safety programs, training, and technology.

Boomerang’s Safety Vision: We are industry leaders in safety and believe every accident or injury is preventable. We work to achieve that vision by:

  • Fostering a culture that makes safety our highest priority and continuously examines the effectiveness of our safety process and performance.
  • Equipping our workspace with resources and tools that create an environment where all known hazards will be eliminated or safeguarded.
  • Promoting work practices and training for all employees that make safety essential to the tasks we perform.
  • Empowering our team to take responsibility for personal safety, the safety of fellow employees, and the communities we serve.
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Labor and Management Partnership

We put tremendous emphasis on a collaborative approach to safety, and we believe that the most effective safety programs are the ones employees develop locally to address potential risks specific to their tasks and location. We have site safety teams at all our facilities that help identify and reduce human and environmental safety risks. These teams are chaired by workers and management representatives and are comprised largely of plant employees.

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Employee Empowerment

Our open culture encourages employees to proactively communicate near misses, unsafe work practices, or unsound environmental activities. The executive management team provides full support and empowerment to all Boomerang employees to report any activity or stop any job that appears to be unsafe.  

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Environmental Protection

Protection of the environment and sound environmental business processes are core values of Boomerang. We are culturally in line with environmental sustainability and are committed to always improving environmental protection processes in all our facilities.